Creating brighter futures through collaboration and innovation

Axivise Information Technologies Inc. is a top product engineering firm that specializes in the education sector. We have been creating ground-breaking online platforms that can offer on-demand tutoring, courses, and a virtual assistant platform powered by AI that makes recommendations based on user needs. We aim to enable more people to learn from one another. We believe there are more teachers in the world than are teaching so we want to empower more people to learn from each other.

Thousands of tutors use our platform to share their expertise with students all over the world. We have the perfect tutor for you if you need help with high school algebra or learning Python programming, or want to learn piano. We want to alter your learning style. Our goal is to be a one-stop learning resource for students, parents, and professionals alike.


Our AI-powered virtual assistant can recommend the best university to attend based on the user’s needs, or it can recommend which laptop to buy based on the user’s budget and configuration requirements.

When the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world, Axivise was born. Due to the increasing lockdown phases, students were unable to leave their homes for classes, and teachers lost their students. Students were unable to complete their practices, and teachers lost their students, as well as their passion and jobs. Teachers could no longer earn this way, and the world was going through a difficult period. Axivise was founded at this critical juncture to address this growing global concern.